Our Softub Legend with cotton ball filtration unfortunately smells very much of chlorine. What is the cause?
After adding 50 ml of Lotus Clean Shock in the course of a refill, the water smells of chlorine. It is advertised that Shock does not smell of chlorine. What is the cause?
The water in the whirlpool became milky when pH-Plus granules were added. What is the cause of this?
I have been using my whirlpool for 5 years? Does pipe cleaning with SystemFlush make sense? Will the stainless steel of the jets be attacked?
Is it important to heat the water in the whirlpool for cleaning with SystemFlush and if so, to how many degrees?
Is it still necessary to add chlorine to the whirlpool when using Lotus Clean Shock?
Is Lotus Clean Filter Wash Natural also suitable for whirlpools with a sand filter system?
When adding Lotus Clean Shock and Lotus Clean Basic weekly, should I clean the whirlpool filter before or after?
Why is it so important to measure Lotus Clean Shock daily for the first two weeks and not later?
Sediment has formed on the floor of the whirlpool tub after using Lotus Clean. What does this sediment consist of?
If the whirlpool tub runs with a massage pump and bubbles, aerosols are also produced which are inhaled. Have the Lotus Clean aerosols been tested to determine whether they have any health consequences for the lungs or health?
Which measuring device is the best way to display the water values in my Lay-Z-Spa whirlpool? Do you have a recommendation?   
I have the following question about the item Lotus Clean Magic Spray Can the cleaner be used with a filled whirlpool tub to remove dirt marks or must it be emptied?
Is it possible to use Lotus Clean System Wash in a whirlpool with a sand filter system? What do I have to pay attention to?
Is cloudiness of the whirlpool water the next day a sign that the amount of Lotus Clean Basic was too low and it has been used up? Or can I also overdose it?
After using Lotus Clean water care, there is a considerable build-up of foam in the whirlpool tub. What could be the cause of this?
The Lotus Clean System Wash instructions state that the filters should remain in the whirlpool after the agent has been added. Does this also apply to a Softub?
Can we use Lotus Clean products in combination with our salt water disinfection system to care for our water so that we can use our hot tub again without worrying?
Can you advise me how to clean the whirlpool and the pipes before I use the pool again after an eight-week break?
Can you advise me how to clean the whirlpool and the pipes before I use the pool again after an eight-week break?
Is there a minimum temperature in the whirlpool that is necessary for the effectiveness of Lotus Clean products? We would like to operate the whirlpool at a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees in summer.
Would it be possible to use Lotus Clean now despite the chlorinated whirlpool water? Or should we wait three months before changing the water?
How do you measure the amount of Lotus Clean Shock with the Poollab photometer in the whirlpool? And up to what concentrations can the water be used?
Our filter in the whirlpool tub is very dirty, even though we care for the water with Lotus Clean products. What could be the cause?
We have a whirlpool with salt electrolysis. Can we use Lotus Clean Basic and Lotus Clean Shock despite the salt? Or would it be better to leave out the salt electrolysis altogether?
Unfortunately, the whirlpool water always becomes very milky after adding Lotus Clean. Can you please tell me where the problem could be coming from?
We are considering buying a Nordic hot tub and would like to know how we should maintain the water. Will we also need a filter?
Can I also add chlorine to the whirlpool when using Lotus Clean Shock or are these chemicals incompatible?
Can I use a BlueConnect measuring device to measure the value of Lotus Clean Shock in addition to the temperature and pH value in the whirlpool tub?
For some time now we have been getting a scratchy throat and a blocked nose after a short time when bathing in the Softub. What could be the cause of this?
I would like to know if I can store the chemicals outside near the whirlpool. Especially the liquids are probably not frost-proof?
Is Lotus Clean suitable for a Skargards Royal Hot Tub with closed backwash filter system? Are there any recommendations regarding the backwashing intervals and the filter material?
We would like to try out fragrance additives in the Softub. In many forums and groups, however, it is stated that additives deteriorate the water values. Can you tell us something about your scented pads?
Does it make sense to carry out a basic cleaning with System Wash before the winter break and the dismantling of our inflatable whirlpool, or would it be better to clean it in the spring when it is refilled?
Are Lotus Clean Basic and Lotus Clean Shock also suitable as additives for wood hot-tubs made of 100% wood? There is a stainless steel stove in the wood hot tub - how does the water treatment behave with it?
After adding Lotus Clean Basic, the water has become cloudy and has taken on a greenish colour. A yellowish layer of mist has formed on the bottom. What is the cause?
We have an inflatable whirlpool from Bestway. After refilling with water, we added Lotus Clean Shock as described. However, as soon as we add Lotus Clean Basic, the water becomes milky. What is the cause?
Brownish, slippery deposits have formed on the edge of my whirlpool and the pool floor is also very slippery. Can I also use Lotus Clean Shock to remove the biofilm in a salt water whirlpool? Do I then still need agents such as ph-Plus or ph-Minus?
Is it possible to dispense with Lotus Clean Shock if the whirlpool tub is equipped with an ozonator? Would it make sense to clean the whirlpool with System Wash and start with Lotus Clean when refilling?
After using Lotus Clean Shock a brown rim has formed in the whirlpool. We had previously used chlorine for water care. What is the cause?
I have a hot tub from Hotspring with the ceramic filters. Can I still use these ceramic filters if I use Lotus Clean for water care?
Our jacuzzi just got a pH of 6.0 according to test strips. It has only been used irregularly for some time and Lotus Clean was always added after the few uses. What do you recommend?
There's an unpleasant, rough coating on the tub. Mostly under the edge of the water. But generally in the entire pool. What kind of coating is that? And what can I do to get it off?
Can I use Lotus Clean System Wash to clean the pipes of the hot tub without damaging the cedar wood? And where can I dispose of the water from the hot tub afterwards?
Can I use Lotus Clean Basic and Lotus Clean Shock in salty water? Is it true that salt water reduces the number of germs and that less water care product is then needed?
I have bought the new EGO3 filters. Unfortunately, I now have cloudy water. What is the cause? Can I use the EGO3 together with Lotus Clean?
Is the use of Lotus Clean Basic as well as Lotus Clean Shock suitable for use in an inflatable spa?
What precautions should I take for my hot tub when I go on holiday, for example?
As the hardness had dropped below 5dH when I measured it again, I wanted to raise the hardness with Calcium Booster. Unfortunately, the water then became extremely milky and no longer clear (hardness then approx. 8dH). What went wrong there?
We would like to switch to Lotus Clean. Is it still possible to measure the disinfection level with the Blue Connect Pool Analyzer? This measures the redox value.
What is alkalinity and what does it do in water?
I am currently still cleaning my whirlpool with chlorine, but would like to switch to Lotus Clean.Do I have to empty the whirlpool completely or can I use the chlorinated water?
Should I fill my whirlpool with my water softener? Do I then have soft water?
Can Lotus Clean water care be used for Nordic wooden barrels - hot tubs, hot tubs, hot tubs - with a sand filter system?
Can Lotus Clean Shock be used without danger?
We have a Swim Spa whirlpool (36°C) with approx. 900 l and a counter-swimming area (28°C) with approx. 6800 l and want to clean the pipes with System Wash. Do we really have to add 5 litres of System Wash for the counter-swim area?
Since my husband got a rash on his legs as a result of chlorine in our whirlpool, we now use Lotus Clean. However, after a few months my husband had a skin rash again and also complains of shortness of breath despite changing the water. What could be the cause of this?
What do I have to bear in mind when transporting, storing and using Lotus Clean Shock? How strong is the bleaching effect of the product on clothing and wood?
I have cleaned my inflatable whirlpool with oxygen Multitabs up to now. Do I have to refill the whirlpool or can I switch directly to water care with Lotus Clean?
We have converted our Intex whirlpool from chlorine to Lotus Clean. The next morning the edge felt a bit slippery. The water became turbid and smelled musty. What could be the cause?
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