LC114 -- Why does Louts Clean Shock smell of chlorine when used?

I use Lotus Clean Shock to disinfect the water in a dog therapy treadmill. After adding 50 ml of Shock in the course of a refill (1000 litres of water), the water smells of chlorine. The pumps are running, the water has a temperature of 24 degrees. The smell intensifies as soon as I switch on the pump or move the treadmill. It is advertised that Lotus Clean Shock does not smell of chlorine. What is the cause?

Lotus Clean Shock consists of two types of chlorine which react with each other in the water to form chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide consists of one chlorine atom and two oxygen atoms. The oxygen atoms react during oxidation. The chlorine atom forms a solid compound with sodium in the water. This is sodium chloride - or table salt. That is why this is described as an oxygen reaction.

In heavily polluted water, however, it can happen that the two types of chlorine react first with the dirt and no longer with each other. This means that chlorine dioxide is no longer produced. The reaction of the two types of chlorine with dirt produces chloramines. These chloramines smell strongly of chlorine. Normally, these chloramines are destroyed by the previously formed chlorine dioxide. However, if the load is too high, chlorine dioxide can no longer be formed.

There are two ways to prevent this:

1) You increase the amount of Shock until all the dirt is oxidised and thus chlorine dioxide can be formed in the water again. However, this can be very costly in a dog pool. Dogs shed a lot of dirt into the water through their fur.

2) For this reason, I would recommend the Shock-AnorganicShock treatment in your case. Here is the link to this treatment:
However, contrary to the instructions, we would recommend a mixing ratio of 50 to 50. In other words, the same amount of UltraShock as AnorganicShock. In this application, the chlorine will oxidise the contaminants. In the process, chloramines will form. These chloramines are destroyed by the chlorine dioxide. It is very important to keep the pH value at 6.8 to a maximum of 7.2 so that the AnorganicShock can work optimally. At a pH value of 8.0, AnorganicShock would only have 30 % of the effectiveness compared to a pH value of 7.0. And 70 % more chloramines would be formed.

FYI: Chlorine allergies, pervasive chlorine odour, itchy skin and burning eyes are 99% caused by chloramines.

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