LC111-- What are the causes and solutions for milky and cloudy water in the whirlpool?

What are the causes and solutions for milky and cloudy water in the whirlpool?


Cause: The pH value is too high.

• Never let the pH value rise above 7.4. Always lower it in good time with pH-Minus.
• Lower the pH value of the water to 5.0 for one to two days.
• Use partially softened water for filling. (Water hardness 7° German hardness is ideal)
• If you have hard water (more than 14° German hardness - you can ask your water supplier for the water hardness), you should lower the pH value to 5.0 for 2 days every 4 to 8 weeks and then increase it again to 7.0.

Cause: You are not using the optimal filters.

• Be sure to use Pleatco, Magnum or Darlly brand cartridge filters. No-name filters that do not use the high-tech fleece of the Reemay brand become clogged too quickly.
• Do not use sponge filters. (filters with a hard pore material)

Cause: The filter runtime is too short.

• The whirlpool should filter at least 6 hours a day. 8 to 12 hours would be even better.
• If the water is cloudy, the filter running time should be set to at least 12 hours.
• During clouding, you should clean the filters daily.

Cause: The filters have not been cleaned.

• Especially in the initial period after refilling, you should clean the filters more frequently.
• If the water is not clear, it may be advisable to clean the filters daily or every two days.
• Otherwise, the filters should be cleaned weekly or after two weeks at the most.

Cause: The filters have not been cleaned properly.

• It is mandatory to soak the filters in a cleaning solution (optimal: Lotus Clean Filter Wash Natural) for one night.
• The next day, rinse the filter lamellas with a hard water jet - preferably with a special filter shower.
• Rinse until the water running out of the filters is clear and foam-free.
• You will achieve an optimal result if you also place the filter in a Shock solution for one night. (20 to 40 ml UltraShock per 10 l water)

Note: Rinsing under a tap is not filter cleaning!

If the water remains cloudy despite proper filtering, you can increase the addition of Lotus Clean Shock by 20 ml daily. Start with 50 ml per 1000 l. Increase the amount to 70 ml/1000 l the next day, to 90 ml/1000 l the day after and so on.

If no measures help

If you do not have clear water after one week, you must carry out an intensive basic cleaning of the whirlpool tub. Please contact us directly for this.

You can also increase the amount of Lotus Clean Basic added. We recommend adding 20 ml daily. However, you should only do this if you clean the filters daily. Otherwise, we recommend not doing so.

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