LC094 -- Filter cleaning before or after adding Lotus Clean maintenance products?

When adding Lotus Clean Shock and Lotus Clean Basic weekly, should I clean the whirlpool filter before or after?

This question sounds very simple at first. But it is not.

It would be good to clean the whirlpool filters before adding Lotus Clean Shock. For what reason? If the filters are dirty, Lotus Clean Shock will also oxidise the dirt in the filters. It needs to be used up in the process. However, this is not desirable. Therefore, it makes sense to clean the filters before adding Lotus Clean Shock. Cleaning should always be done with Lotus Clean Filter Wash. There may be greasy deposits in the filters. These deposits can only be removed with Filter Wash Natural.

However, it may also be necessary to clean the whirlpool filter additionally after adding Lotus Clean Basic. This depends on the amount of dirt in the water. But how can you tell if there is a lot of dirt in the water? If you add Lotus Clean Basic to the water, the water then becomes milky and you can no longer see the bottom, there is a lot of dirt in the water. This dirt is filtered out of the water overnight by the filter. To prevent this dirt from remaining in the filter for one or two weeks, it is therefore advisable to rinse out the filter the next morning. Thorough rinsing with a hard water jet (we recommend a filter shower) until no more milky water comes out is sufficient. Only if there is solid dirt in the filter material should you clean the filter again with filter cleaner.

If the filter is extremely dirty (often caused by biofilms in the pipes), the water may not be clean the next day. Then you should rinse the filter several times a day and set the filter runtime to maximum. If this does not help either, please contact us.

The causes could be:
1) Too much lime in the water (measure: lower the pH value to 5.5 to 6.0).
2) You have a strong biofilm in the pipes (measure: carry out an intensive basic cleaning).
3) You are using the wrong filters. You should use filters with a Trilobal yarn, which is used for all branded filters. Many NoName filters, on the other hand, do not use this material.

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