LC115 -- Why does the softub with cotton ball filtration stink of chlorine?

Our Softub Legend with cotton ball filtration unfortunately smells very much like chlorine. We have already used the basic cleaning agent System Wash, but without success. In addition, our filter balls have turned yellow/brown after using Shock, as can be seen in the pictures. What is the cause??


The task of the filters in the Lotus Clean system water care is to filter out the dirt encapsulated by Basic. Therefore it is important that the filters are regularly cleaned with a filter cleaner and rinsed with a filter shower at high pressure. If this does not happen, dirt accumulates in the filter and bacteria are found in it. These in turn form a biofilm in which further dirt particles can be deposited.

The water then flows through this dirt when the whirlpool filters. Two things happen as a result:
1) The biofilm is carried along by the current and spreads in the whirlpool. The water becomes contaminated, bacteria can settle in other places in the pipes and form new biofilm.
2) The disinfectants react with the biofilm in the cotton wools. This uses them up and can produce intermediates that have a strong odour. Both are not good for the water quality.

For these reasons we do not recommend the use of cotton wools as filter material. In some whirlpools with very small and/or poor filters (inflatable whirlpools) they are nevertheless the better alternative. However, you then have to replace them very often and put new ones in.

The filters for the Softub are basically of good quality and large enough. One problem with the Softub, however, is that you cannot set the filter running times. The filter system only runs when the whirlpool is heated up. This can be too little in summer but is not a problem for the lamella filter.

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