LC083 -- How do I clean the whirlpool after a long period of non-use?

For health reasons I can't use our whirlpool for eight weeks. So I have drained the water completely, but there is still water in the pipes. The cover is open, otherwise bad smells will come up. Can you advise me how to clean the whirlpool and the pipes before I use the pool again?

If you have drained the water, biofilms can of course form in the residual water in the pipes. However, eight weeks without water in the pool is not a very long time in this context. I would therefore initially only add Lotus Clean Shock to the water after refilling and not Lotus Clean Basic. For the first few days, add 50 ml of Shock per 1,000 litres of water to the whirlpool, but do not use it for bathing yet. Set the pH value to 6.5 to 6.8 and measure the Shock value with the test strips the next day.

If the test strips show 0, increase the amount of Lotus Clean Shock to 70 ml, for example. If the test strip now shows a Shock level, reduce the addition of Lotus Clean Shock from 50 ml to 30 ml per 1000 litres. It is important that Lotus Clean Shock can be measured the next day. Carry out this procedure for three days before adding Lotus Clean Basic to the water. You can now also use the whirlpool.

Make sure that you always add enough Lotus Clean Shock to the water for a fortnight so that you can still measure a Shock content the next morning. If Lotus Clean Shock is consistently detectable in the water for a fortnight, the biofilm that has formed in eight weeks should have been oxidised again.

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