LC067 -- Why does the whirlpool water take on a greenish colour?

After adding Lotus Clean Basic the water has become cloudy and has taken on a greenish discolouration. A yellowish layer of mist has formed on the bottom. The addition of 80 ml Lotus Clean Shock has not led to any improvement. What is the cause?

If you add Lotus Clean Basic to water with a dirt load, clouding occurs and it can lead to this yellowish mist layer. Even water without visible dirt can have a high load of suspended matter. These suspended particles can consist of organic dirt and/or minerals (iron, copper, manganese, lime, dust, etc.). Only if you have dirt in the water will Lotus Clean Basic produce this reaction because it encapsulates the dirt particles. If you add Lotus Clean Basic to distilled water, the water will remain crystal clear.

In this case, it is most helpful to increase the filter runtime to the maximum and clean the filters daily with filter cleaner.
Quick cleaning of the filters is done as follows:
1. add double the amount of Filter Wash Natural to the warm cleaning water.
2. Soak the filter in the cleaning water for two hours.
3. Rinse the filter with boiling hot water.
4. then rinse the filter normally with the filter spray.

The cleaning water can be used several times.

This is the quickest and cheapest way to remove the encapsulated dirt from the water. In addition, an increased addition of Lotus Clean Shock is helpful. This can be 50 ml per day or even a little more.

As inflatable whirlpools usually have very small and poor quality filters, filtering out the encapsulated dirt is generally difficult here. Therefore, we would recommend halving the addition of Lotus Clean Basic and doubling or tripling the addition of Lotus Clean Shock in case of problems.

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