LC069 -- Basic cleaning before the winter break for an inflatable whirlpool?

We have an inflatable whirlpool which is not winterproof and therefore has to be dismantled. I would like to clean it with System Wash before dismantling. Does this make sense or would it be better to clean it in the spring when it is refilled? The basic idea is to use the water that is still there at the moment, as it will be drained anyway.

Furthermore, it says on my bottle that the filter should not be removed. Other instructions say that the filter should be removed. What exactly is correct now?

It is a good idea to clean the pipes of your whirlpool tub with System Wash before draining it. This will remove any deposits that may be present. When refilling in the spring, we recommend that you definitely carry out a shock treatment with Lotus Clean Shock. The quantity here should be at least 75 ml per 1000 litres of water.

You can certainly leave the filters in the whirlpool when you carry out the basic cleaning. This has the advantage that detached deposits are filtered out and do not remain in the pipes.

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