LC079 -- Why is the whirlpool filter heavily soiled despite water care with Lotus Clean?

We have a whirlpool and care for and clean the water with your products according to the instructions. Now our filter is very dirty after four days in the pool and the water has taken on a cloudy colour. The values (pH value etc.) are within the norm. What is the cause?

When the water is heavily polluted, Lotus Clean Basic encapsulates this dirt. This separates it from the water and the bacteria can no longer use this dirt to multiply and create biofilms. Therefore, this picture is first of all positive - Lotus Clean Basic obviously works very well. Now, of course, the dirt must be removed from the water through the filters. The best way to do this is to filter for as long as possible. If the filter is so heavily soiled, its function is severely impaired. Therefore, further encapsulated dirt remains in the water and the water can become cloudy as a result. In the near future, you should clean the filter daily or, if necessary, even twice daily. Continue until no more dirt is deposited.

For a quick cleaning, proceed as follows:
1) Add twice as much filter cleaner (we recommend using Lotus Clean Filter Wash Natural) to the warm water as usual.
2) Place the filter in the cleaning solution for two hours.
3) Remove the filter and rinse it with boiling hot water.
4) Then rinse it thoroughly with the filter shower until no more foam and dirt comes out. Then put the filter back in.

In addition, you can add 50 to 80 ml of Lotus Clean Shock to the water every day. Lotus Clean Shock oxidises the existing dirt and thus relieves the filters even more.

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