LC074 -- Can I use BlueConnect to measure Lotus Clean Shock in addition to the pH value in the whirlpool tub?

I have been using the BlueConnect for a few days to measure the temperature and pH value in the whirlpool. Can I also see from the displayed ORP value (in mV) of the BlueConnect measuring device whether I have enough Lotus Clean Shock in the water, or can I say something about the water quality on the basis of this value?

The BlueConnect electronic measuring device will not work with Lotus Clean Shock. The dosed quantities are too low. The ORP value (i.e. the redox voltage of the water) works very well with chlorine. Since only the free chlorine raises the ORP value and the combined chlorine does not raise the ORP value, it is very good for measuring whether there is enough free chlorine in the water. Lotus Clean Shock also raises the ORP value, but it is more effective than chlorine by a factor of 5 to 30 (depending on the external circumstances), which is why the Shock dosage is much lower in comparison. However, this low dosage cannot be measured correctly with the ORP value.

Basically, you cannot determine the water quality with the ORP value. But water that is poorly maintained (with chlorine) will always have a low ORP value, which means that the risk of bacterial contamination is correspondingly higher. In addition, anaerobic bacteria (which have a metabolism without oxygen) do not like water with a high ORP value and divide less there than in water with a low ORP value. ORP measurement makes sense when using chlorine and bromine. In the Lotus Clean System, Lotus Clean Basic does about 60 % of the necessary water purification, but Lotus Clean Basic does not increase the ORP value. The remaining purification is done by Lotus Clean Shock, which is only added in very small doses.

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