LC068 -- Is Lotus Clean suitable for wood hot tubs with stainless steel stove?

Are Lotus Clean Basic and Lotus Clean Shock also suitable as additives for wooden hot tubs made of 100 % wood? There is a stainless steel stove in the wood hot tub - how does the water treatment behave with it?

You can certainly use Lotus Clean Basic and Lotus Clean Shock for a wood hot tub. You should pay attention to these things:
If the wood hot tub does not have a filter system, you may only use Lotus Clean Shock. This is because Lotus Clean Basic would encapsulate the dirt particles, which would then remain in the water as they cannot be filtered out. As a result, the water would turn milky.
If you only use Lotus Clean Shock for water care, make absolutely sure that there is always at least 0.3 to 0.5 mg/l Ultrashock in the water.

If the wooden tub has a filter system, you can use Lotus Clean Basic and Lotus Clean Shock. However, as the wood of a tub contains a lot of organic dirt, we recommend using twice the amount of Shock and half the amount of Lotus Clean Basic - based on the amount given in the instruction manual. With this dosage, the organic dirt is oxidised more and encapsulated less. This relieves the filters and reduces the risk of clouding of the water.

There is no risk of corrosion for the stainless steel stove. Lotus Clean Basic is not corrosive in any way and Lotus Clean Shock is almost not corrosive at all. If you change the water every six months, this has no effect on the stainless steel.

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