LC084 -- Why do I have a skin rash despite salt water disinfection in the hot tub?

We have had a new whirlpool with a salt water disinfection system for a few months. We use Ego3 whirlpool filters as filters. We test our water regularly with BlueControl and keep the ph-value in the good range with constant ph-lowering. Unfortunately, my husband still got a severe skin rash again after a longer break from bathing and a new water change. Is it true that there is a so-called whirlpool dermatitis? Can we use Lotus Clean products in combination with our system to care for our water in such a way that we can use our whirlpool again without worrying? As I have pronounced psoriasis and salt water is naturally very good for me, I would not like to do without it.

Whirlpool dermatitis is usually caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. This indicates insufficient disinfection and/or a biofilm in the pipes. Your salt system produces bromine from bromine salts by means of electrolysis. The water in your whirlpool is therefore disinfected with bromine. Unfortunately, this does not seem to work properly in your case. This can have several reasons: It may be that there is too little bromine in the water and/or that there are too many bromides in the water.

You write that you appreciate the salt water because it is beneficial for your psoriasis. This is very understandable. However, there will probably already be a biofilm in the pipes of your whirlpool. This should first be removed. Our intensive basic cleaning is recommended for this. You can find detailed instructions here:

After the intensive basic cleaning, you can start with the Lotus Clean water care according to our water care instructions. In this case, you should use twice the amount of Lotus Clean Shock as specified in the first few weeks in order to oxidise any remaining biofilms. In addition, please use fleece filters from a brand manufacturer such as Magnum, Pleatco or Darlly. The Ego3 filter wadding can be problematic as it cannot be cleaned and disinfected sufficiently and biofilms can form in the filter wadding as a result.

If you use the Lotus Clean System, you no longer need to be afraid of bacteria, because it offers double safety: Lotus Clean Basic prevents the spread of bacteria and Lotus Clean Shock kills bacteria and viruses very effectively. At the same time (in contrast to chlorine and bromine), no resistance can form in the bacteria and viruses. In addition, when Lotus Clean Shock is used, no residual substances that are hazardous to health such as chloramines and bromines are formed. These two substances are often found in water. They can be measured, although they no longer kill bacteria and can irritate the skin. Many whirlpool users measure these substances and think that they have sufficient disinfection in the water, but in reality there are no bacteria-killing disinfectants left. This can lead to an exponential growth of bacteria: Without functioning disinfection, one bacteria can turn into more than a billion bacteria in a day.

Many people use salt water disinfection in the belief that they are doing something good for their skin. However, this only applies to a bath in the whirlpool to a limited extent. In salt water disinfection, salt is added to the water. Either bromine or chlorine is produced from the salt via an electrolysis unit. These substances - and not the salt - then disinfect the water. The great advantage of electrolysis is that bromines and chloramines are also oxidised, which is why the water is more skin-friendly than with the normal addition of bromine or chlorine. On the other hand, no harmful waste products are formed when using Lotus Clean products. Nor are any products formed that irritate the skin. Therefore, the water is always very pleasant to the skin and always feels soft and fresh. We have many customers with neurodermatitis who can use their whirlpools again since they started using Lotus Clean.

Please do not use the bromelectrolysis system if you use Lotus Clean. The two systems do not harmonise. It is also not necessary to use bromine if you care for your water with Lotus Clean.

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