LC065 -- I have brownish, slippery deposits in my whirlpool. Can I get rid of them with Lotus Clean Shock?

I have had an inflatable whirlpool for about six weeks and operate it with the addition of salt. About a fortnight ago, brownish, slippery deposits formed on the edge of the pool after use and the pool floor is also very slippery, especially around the edges (bottom/lower wall area). Can I also use Lotus Clean Shock to remove the biofilm in a salt water whirlpool? Do I then still need agents such as ph-Plus or ph-Minus?

These brown, slippery deposits are biofilms. You can remove them with Lotus Clean Shock.

Here are instructions for cleaning with Lotus Clean Shock:

Lotus Clean Shock works at all pH levels. Inorganic Shock works best at a pH value below 7.0. A high pH value can also lead to limestone in the water. This limestone can become the basis for deposits. And it can cloud the water. Therefore, you should always regulate the pH value. A pH value between 6.5 and 6.8 is ideal.

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