LC076 -- Which water care is suitable for a Scandinavian hot tub?

We are considering buying a Nordic hot tub and would like to know how we should maintain the water. Can you tell us what solutions are available and what products we should use? Will we also need a filter?

When you buy a hot tub, we strongly recommend that you buy a filter as well. Very suitable in your case is a sand filter, but you should not fill it with sand, but with filter glass. Biofilm cannot easily settle in the filter glass.

Basically, you can treat a hot tub like a whirlpool. We therefore recommend our starter set. However, you should proceed somewhat differently with the dosage than with a classic whirlpool. Only add half of the recommended amount of Lotus Clean Basic and twice the recommended amount of Lotus Clean Shock to the water. This is necessary because the sand filter system cannot remove the encapsulated dirt from the water quite as well as the fleece filters of the whirlpools.

You should occasionally backwash the sand filter to clean it. You should also switch off the filtration the evening before, unscrew the sand filter and add approx. 100 ml Lotus Clean Shock to the water. Then close the sand filter again. Shock will now destroy the biofilms in the filter material overnight. If you then backwash the next morning, the destroyed biofilms will be rinsed out with it.

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