LC095 -- Is Filter Wash Natural also suitable for a sand filter system?

Is Lotus Clean Filter Wash Natural also suitable for whirlpools with a sand filter system?

Our product Lotus Clean Filter Wash Natural was developed for fleece filters. It is not suitable for whirlpools with a sand filter. The reason: it contains many tensides and therefore produces a lot of foam. If you add Filter Wash to the sand filter, it does clean the sand, but not all of the filter cleaner is rinsed out during backwashing. As a result, Lotus Clean Filter Wash Natura gets into the whirlpool and the water begins to foam strongly. This foam can then only be removed by changing the water. And even then foam can remain in the filter.

Lotus Clean Shock is suitable for cleaning sand filters. Lotus Clean Shock does not contain any surfactants, but it can oxidise biofilm deposits in the filter sand. To do this, first backwash the sand filter. Then close the valves to the sand filter so that no more water can enter the whirlpool tub. Open the sand filter. Pour at least 50 ml of Lotus Clean Shock into the sand filter and let it work for a day. Then open the valves and carry out a thorough backwash to remove the detached biofilms.

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