LC073 -- Why sore throat and nasal congestion after bathing in the Softub?

We have been using Lotus Clean in our Softub for a few months now. For some time now, we have been getting a scratchy throat, a blocked nose and a dry cough after a short time when using the Softub. Besides using Lotus Clean Basic and Lotus Clean Shock, we also use a special filter cleaner. Can this be the cause?

It is not due to the filter cleaner. The cause will rather be chloramines that are in deposits in the pipes. By using Lotus Clean Shock, these deposits dissolve and the chloramines are released. Chloramines can irritate the respiratory tract, and some people are more sensitive to this than others.

In your case, we recommend reducing the dosage of Lotus Clean Basic to 20 ml per week. In return, you should very strongly increase the addition of Ultrashock. Add 50 ml Lotus Clean Shock to the water daily and measure the shock content with the test strips. This should be between 1.0 and 2.0 mg/litre. Please adjust the amount added accordingly.

The large amount of Lotus Clean Shock will dissolve the deposits and oxidise the chloramine. However, this process can take up to six weeks, so you should not expect results too quickly. It is helpful if the pH value of the water is kept between 6.5 and 6.8 during this time.

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