LC091 -- Do harmful aerosols form when using Lotus Clean in the whirlpool?

We maintain our 1,200 litre whirlpool with Lotus Clean products and clean the filters every one to two weeks. If the whirlpool runs with a massage pump and bubbles, aerosols are also produced which you breathe in. Have the Lotus Clean aerosols been tested to see whether they have any health consequences for the lungs or health?

There are no direct tests regarding aerosols. But basically we develop our products with the premise that they are as little harmful to the human body as possible.

Lotus Clean Basic contains only salts and minerals that do not have an aggressive effect on the lungs. They also do not enter into any chemical reactions where the reaction products could possibly be unhealthy. In addition, they encapsulate the dirt and thus form larger units that can only be lifted or transported with difficulty by aerosols.

With Lotus Clean Shock, the substance chlorine dioxide is formed in the water. This substance is gaseous and water-soluble. It is very likely that you will inhale this substance. However, since our dosage is very low, the amount in the lungs is also very small. However, this would not be an argument if the substance were dangerous. There is a study by Japanese researchers who found that the chlorine dioxide cannot penetrate the cell wall of human cells. In 2020, there was a patent application in the USA that deals with the injection, inhalation and oral ingestion of chlorine dioxide. The aim of this ingestion of chlorine dioxide is to treat cancerous tumours and inflammation, infectious pneumonia, viral myocarditis and vascular disease. It is also about killing viruses such as Covid-19. So even the deliberate intake of chlorine dioxide into the body has been medically studied and even found to be beneficial.

Moreover, it is generally known that chlorine dioxide is very strongly attracted to sulphur. First and foremost, it destroys bacteria that metabolise with sulphur. These are anaerobic bacteria and mainly pathogenic germs, which also threaten human health. Due to this peculiarity, the aerobic germs (the "good" bacteria) are not killed so quickly and strongly. This is important for humans because, for example, there are more bacteria than cells on the skin. If these "good" bacteria are massively killed, this has negative effects on the skin. Lotus Clean Shock also works selectively here. This is one of the reasons why many people with skin diseases, such as neurodermatitis, can use the whirlpool without problems if they use Lotus Clean products.

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