LC071 -- Is Lotus Clean suitable for hot tubs with backwash filter system?

We have a new Skargards Royal Hot Tub with filter system. The backwash filter is filled with polymer filter balls instead of sand. We are now looking for a suitable pool maintenance and therefore we became aware of your products. However, we cannot use your filter cleaning products because we have a closed backwash filter system and cannot remove and clean the filter media. Can we use your other products? And do you also have recommendations for filter duration per day, for the backwash intervals and backwash quantity as well as the replacement intervals for the polymer filter balls? Or would filter sand be preferable? Do you have any other tips for the optimal use of your products in our new pool?

As you cannot clean the filters, we recommend that you only add half the amount of Lotus Clean Basic and in return double or triple the amount of Lotus Clean Shock to the whirlpool. This encapsulates less dirt and oxidises more dirt - which relieves the filters.

The filter duration should be at least 6 hours per day. The more you filter, the better the result. We cannot really give you any advice on the backwashing intervals and the backwashing quantity, as we have too little experience of our own in this area. But you can always follow the following rule of thumb:
If the water becomes cloudy and the Shock content in the water decreases too quickly, you should start the backwash.

Whether you use polymer balls or filter sand is probably not important. We would primarily recommend special filter glass, because biofilm formation is least pronounced there.

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