LC092 -- Where does the sediment in the whirlpool come from?

Sediment has formed on the bottom of the whirlpool tub after using Lotus Clean. If the water is stirred up, it becomes milky and cloudy. The pH value is OK and is 7.6. What is the cause and what does this sediment consist of?

The sediment can be caused by the agent Lotus Clean Basic. Lotus Clean Basic encapsulates micro-pollutants in the water, which must then be filtered out. If they are not filtered out, they will settle at the bottom because they are heavier than water.

If there are these deposits on the bottom, it is a sign that the filtration is either not working properly or is not strong enough. This sometimes happens in swimming spas. If there is a sand filter in the system, you should vacuum up this deposit. If possible, use a vacuum cleaner to pump the sediment out of the pool. With sand filters, there is a possibility that the dirt is not retained and is then pumped back into the pool. This clouds the water.

Alternatively, you can reduce the amount of Lotus Clean Basic by about 30 percent and double the amount of Lotus Clean Shock. In this way, less dirt is encapsulated and more dirt is oxidised. This reduces the amount of dirt that needs to be filtered.

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