LC061 -- The pH value in the jacuzzi is too low. What should I do?

Our jacuzzi just got a pH of 6.0 according to test strips. It has only been used irregularly for some time (about 1x per month). During non-use I keep the temperature at 26 degrees. For use, I heat up to 35 or 36 degrees high. The water was changed over six months ago. Lotus Clean was always added after the few uses. What do you recommend?Water change? pH value increaser?      

With so little use you can leave the water in the whirlpool. It is no problem to leave the water in the whirlpool for one year. The pH-value of 6.0 is a bit too low. It is not harmful for bathing. The skin has a pH-value of 5.5 and therefore one feels that low pH-values are more pleasant than high pH-values. Our recommendation for the pH-value is between 6.5 and 6.8, but as test strips are very unreliable I would not rely on the test strips.

I would measure the pH value accurately with an electronic pH tester or with tablet measurements and then correct it. You can use any pH siphon to increase the pH value. What is very important: Never put the pH-lifter directly into the water. It can then lead to lime precipitation and turbid water. Take a bucket and fill it with the whirlpool water. Put the pH-lifter in this bucket and dissolve it well. Then pour the contents of the bucket into the whirlpool until the correct pH value is reached.

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