LC087 -- Should the amount of Lotus Clean Basic be increased in case of turbidity?

On the advice of our whirlpool salesman, I use Lotus Clean products in our pool with a filling capacity of around 1300 litres. I have followed the instructions for the dosage and the weekly intervals. By and large, there has been no problem. Now I have a concern for which I have not found an answer in all the explanations and product videos: Due to the encapsulation of suspended matter and micro-particles by Lotus Clean Basic in the whirlpool, a milky colour of the water forms, which indicates to me that the product is taking effect. Now I have set a filter time of two times four hours per day in my system and cleaned the filters daily for the first two weeks. After that I cleaned them twice a week and now most recently once a week - always alternating with a second pair of filters. I read in one of your posts that there is now no more clouding when you tip Lotus Clean Basic into the water. Now to the actual question: Is this the aim of the treatment? For example, if I add Lotus Clean today and again tomorrow, I have extreme turbidity on both days. Should this be dosed until the cloudiness is gone and is it a sign that there are too many foreign substances in the water for the amount of Basic? Is the cloudiness the next day a sign that the amount of Lotus Clean Basic was too low and that it has been used up? Or can I also overdose it? I would be very grateful for an answer.

It would be best if the water does not become cloudy when Lotus Clean Basic is added. This is then a sure sign that there are no impurities and deposits in the water. The more cloudy the water, the more impurities are in the water. The pollutants can get into the water through normal bathing operations. But they can also be loosened from the water by already existing deposits in the pipes.

If you add Lotus Clean Basic to the water and there is a slight cloudiness afterwards, this is not a negative sign. This is normal. However, the cloudiness should have disappeared by the next day. If it has not disappeared, you should first check whether the water is being filtered long enough. Six hours per day should be the minimum, we recommend a longer filter time if possible. After that, you should check if the filters are clean. You may need to clean them more frequently with Filter Wash Natural. Sometimes the filters are not suitable. If possible, only use branded filters that are equipped with a trilobal fleece. Filters from Magnum, Darrly and Pleatco are highly recommended. For other filters, ask whether the Trilobal fleece is used.

If you have very strong cloudiness that has not disappeared the next day, this may be a sign of deposits in the pipes. In this case, increase the amount of Lotus Clean Shock added. Lotus Clean Shock oxidises the pollutants. For example, you can double the amount of Shock (in relation to the amount stated in the water care instructions) and reduce Lotus Clean Basic by 30 percent. If that doesn't help, you could also triple the amount of Lotus Clean Shock and halve the amount of Lotus Clean Basic. In addition, you can greatly increase the filter runtime and rinse the filters daily with a powerful jet of water.

Make sure that the pH value is between 6.0 and 6.8 during this time. This will ensure that the clouding is not caused by limescale.

A higher dosage of Lotus Clean Basic is not recommended. This will quickly overload the capacity of the filters and deposits could form in the pipes.

If this does not help either, please contact us. We will then help you with a special intensive basic cleaning of the pipes.

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