LC062 -- Can I use the ceramic filters from Hotspring?

I have a hot tub from Hotspring with the ceramic filters. Can I still use these ceramic filters if I use Lotus Clean for water care? Actually I started with chlorine and then switched to Lotus Clean.  Initially, it was also successful - the water was clear for 2 or 3 days. Maybe too little Lotus Clean Shock (80 ml)? Basic then 50 ml. Ph fits 7.2 -7.4. the water was first clear and then became cloudy.

The ceramic filters from Hotspring are designed for the use of oxidizing agents such as chlorine, bromine or active oxygen. With oxidizing agents, the contaminants are chemically destroyed. The smallest particles are formed which pass through the normal fleece filters. As a result, the water becomes cloudy over time because the chemically crushed dirt accumulates in the water. To solve this problem Hotspring has invented the ceramic filter. They have very small passages and can therefore filter the water much finer. But this also has a disadvantage. They can filter more finely but they can absorb much less dirt.

Since the Lotus Clean water purification system is based on encapsulation of the pollutants to 50% to 80% and only 20% to 50% on oxidation, the filters are more heavily loaded. A lot of dirt collects in the filter. The ceramic filters are therefore clogged far too quickly. The result: the water becomes turbid. Therefore it is recommended to use normal fleece filters from brand manufacturers such as Magnum, Pleatco or Darlly instead of the ceramic filters.

Hotspring uses up to 5 filters in one whirlpool. You do not need to replace all filters. It is sufficient to replace the one filter that sits on the intake of the filter/heating pump with a fleece filter. Only this filter is heavily loaded.

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