LC098 -- Is the stainless steel of the whirlpool jets attacked by SystemFlush?

I have been using my whirlpool for 5 years? Does pipe cleaning with SystemFlush make sense? Will the stainless steel of the jets be attacked?

Intensive cleaning makes sense in any case. I even recommend an annual cleaning of the pipes with SystemFlush to prevent thicker deposits from forming in the pipes. With the annual pipe cleaning, you can also see how good the water maintenance was in the past year. If no dirt settles on the foam from the SystemFlush, the water maintenance was good. If dirt is deposited, the water care and water quality were not optimal.

Basically, deposits can always form in the pipes. Even with good water maintenance. This is due to unfavourable pipe routing in a whirlpool.

We sell several thousand bottles of SystemFlush every year. We have never had any complaints that stainless steel jets, heaters or plastics in the whirlpool have been attacked. The basic chemicals in SystemFlush are not aggressive.

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