LC066 -- The water in my inflatable whirlpool is milky. What is the cause?

We have an inflatable whirlpool from Bestway. After refilling with water, we added Lotus Clean Shock as described. The water was perfect the next day, even after bathing. However, as soon as we add Lotus Clean Basic, the water becomes milky. When the filter is off, the water is clear in the morning, but there is a yellow film on the bottom. After turning on the jets, the water becomes milky again. Even after adding 150 ml Lotus Clean Shock and filtering for more than 24 hours, the water is still milky. The cartridges are constantly changed, but do not show any contamination. The filter cartridges are always new and unused. What could be the cause?

Lotus Clean Basic works by encapsulating foreign matter in the water. Even microscopic foreign matter. If the water becomes milky after adding Lotus Clean, this is a sign that the smallest suspended matter, invisible to the human eye, is being encapsulated. Or in other words: proof that Lotus Clean Basic is working properly. If you add Lotus Clean Basic to distilled water, you will not see any clouding. These encapsulated foreign bodies collect on the bottom and result in this yellow film. The fact that this happens is more due to the very poor filters and the poor filtration of the inflatable whirlpools. Lotus Clean is therefore not the cause.

How can you solve this problem?
In this case, you can oxidise these encapsulated contaminants with a Shock Intensive treatment. You can find instructions for this here:

Alternatively, you can suck off this yellow film with a petrol hose. Since the Lotus Clean system cleaning is a double-safe system, you can also take advantage of it. In this case, I would halve the addition of Lotus Clean Basic and double or triple the addition of Lotus Clean Shock. This way you reduce the encapsulation and increase the oxidation. This relieves the filter system. We often notice initial problems with new whirlpools in particular. There are often waxes and production residues on the surfaces of the foil and the pipes. These substances are detached by the shock and encapsulated by the basic. In addition, especially in the beginning, a lot of dirt gets into the water through the skin. The massage and the warm water open the skin pores and deep-seated dirt that cannot be removed by showering ends up in the whirlpool. This changes after one to two weeks of use when the skin itself is cleaner.

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