LC063 -- Brown rim in the whirlpool - What to do?

We used chlorine for water care in our Softub whirlpool for the first few months. Now we have changed to Lotus Clean. After refilling the whirlpool we added Lotus Clean Shock and after using the whirlpool we added Lotus Clean Basic. Now a brown rim has formed in the whirlpool. What is the cause?

Deposits very often form in the pipes when chlorine is used. These are usually brown sticky deposits. If you use Lotus Clean Shock, it penetrates the deposits and kills the bacteria there. This loosens these deposits. This can lead to foam, cloudy water, unpleasant odour and also such brown edges.

You can solve this problem relatively quickly with either the Shock Intensive treatment or the Lotus Clean Shock / Inorganic Shock treatment.

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