LC097 -- How high should the water temperature be when cleaning with SystemFlush?

Our whirlpool must be switched off and drained because the pipe system is being repaired. I would then like to fill the pool again and use the SystemFlush for cleaning. My question: Is it important to heat the water for cleaning and if so, to how many degrees? Or can I also use SystemFlush with cold water?

SystemFlush was developed to remove biofilms. A large component of these biofilms are fats and oils, which can come from skin, cosmetics and bath additives. These fats tend to be solid when cold and stick to the surfaces of the pipes. They are much easier to dissolve in warm water. For this reason, I recommend using SystemFlush at a water temperature of 36°C to 37°C. It is most effective at this temperature. You can also use it at a lower temperature. But it will not be able to dissolve the fats as well. Imagine that you want to clean a pan. It will do much worse with cold water than with warm water, despite the washing-up liquid.

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