LC064 -- Do I need Lotus Clean Shock if my whirlpool has an ozonator?

Is it possible to dispense with Lotus Clean Shock if the whirlpool tub is equipped with an ozonator? Would it make sense to clean the whirlpool with System Wash and start with Lotus Clean when refilling?

The ozonator in a whirlpool tub can only help with water care. The ozone it produces is a gas which destroys bacteria on contact with them. The ozone is fed into the heating pipe via a vacuum valve and mixed with the water there. The bacteria are only killed in this mixing section. And only the bacteria that come into contact with the gas. The mixing section is only 2 to 3 metres long in most whirlpools. A whirlpool with approx. 40 jets has about 100 metres of pipework. The ozone does not flow through these pipes and therefore cannot have an effect there.

Since up to 99% of all bacteria are in the biofilm and not in the water, the ozonator cannot help here either. The bacteria in the biofilms continue to multiply.
In addition, most ozonators have a lifetime of 1,800 hours. These are used up after one year and the ozonator has to be replaced.

For all these reasons, an ozonator cannot replace the use of Lotus Clean Shock.

We know from experience that almost all whirlpools that have been operated with chlorine have brown sticky biofilms in the pipes. It is therefore very sensible to clean the pipes with SystemFlush before switching from chlorine to Lotus Clean.

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