LC085 -- Should I remove the filters when cleaning the Softub with System Wash?

The Lotus Clean System Wash instructions state that the filters should remain in the whirlpool after the agent has been added. Does this also apply to a Softub? With the product I have used so far, the filters should be explicitly removed. I don't want the paper filters to become damaged or even unusable as a result. I clean the filter with Filter Wash Natural.

We recommend leaving the filters in the whirlpool tub when Lotus Clean System Wash is added to the water. The reason: System Wash dissolves existing deposits and these can then be filtered out. The filter running time should be set to 12 hours or more during cleaning. The filter should then be cleaned with Filter Wash Natural if necessary. This applies to all whirlpools, including the Softub. Filtering out prevents dirt deposits from settling back into the pipes when emptying.

In our experience, the filters are not damaged by Lotus Clean System Wash. The filter fleece can be completely cleaned again with Lotus Clean Filter Wash Natural. You should always make sure that you use branded filters from Magnum, Darlly or Pleatco. The filters must use a fleece from the Reemay company. We advise against using no-name filters, as they are usually too inferior in quality. The use of hard sponge filters and filter balls (such as EGO3) is also not recommended because they cannot be cleaned properly. However, they can be used as disposable filters.

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