LC086 -- Why does foam form in the whirlpool after using Lotus Clean water care?

After using Lotus Clean water care, there is a considerable build-up of foam in the whirlpool tub. What could be the cause of this?

Lotus Clean Shock penetrates existing deposits and biofilms. It kills the bacteria in the process. The deposits dissolve and release the substances they contain. This can lead to foaming. You cannot do too much about this at first. Always add so much Lotus Clean Shock that you basically have a minimum value of 0.2 to 0.5 mg/l in the water. Do this for about two months. Afterwards, replace the water with fresh water. In the two months, all biofilms and deposits should have been removed. By changing the water, you can ensure that there are no more degradation products in the water.

From now on, add Lotus Clean Foam Ex to the water on a regular basis - a small dose should be enough to prevent foam from forming again. The product lasts about one day and must therefore be applied repeatedly. Causes for foam formation can also be cosmetics - such as creams, shampoos, oils and fragrances -, filter cleaners and residues of detergents in the bathing clothes.

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