Lotus Clean Calcium Ex 0,5l

Lotus Clean Calcium Ex 0,5l
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Why put Calcium Ex in the water? What does it do? Each water contains different dissolved... more
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Why put Calcium Ex in the water? What does it do?

Each water contains different dissolved substances in different concentrations.

These are calcium and magnesium as well as sulphates. These substances are responsible for the hardness of the water. In addition, the water also contains metals such as iron, copper and manganese. All these substances are present in the water in ionized form. These substances can settle due to the heating and turbulence of the water.

Solid, rough, calcium- and magnesium-containing lime deposits can form in the pipes and on the tub shell and adhere there. Fats and oils from skin or cosmetics stick to these rough surfaces and serve bacteria as a source of food. These bacteria then form biofilms to protect against disinfectants.

When Calcium Ex is used, calcium and magnesium molecules are complexed. This means that when they transition from the ionized form to the solid form, they form a different molecular structure. This means they can no longer stick to the pipe walls and deposits are effectively prevented. The limestone is simply filtered out.

Metals in the water can lead to discoloration and turbidity. Complexing with Calcium Ex prevents this and the metals can also be filtered out.

Calcium Ex does not soften the water but it prevents deposits from forming and the water from becoming discoloured or turbid.


Shake thoroughly before use. After filling the spa, add 150 ml Calcium Ex to 1000 litres of water. With hard water you can increase the amount up to 250 ml / 1000 litres of water.

The product must be stored in a cool and dark place. Improper storage (frequent changes between warm and cold) may render the product ineffective. A sign of this are flakes in the product.

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