Lotus Clean Gesamthärte Test Kit

Lotus Clean Gesamthärte Test Kit
  • EWC1051

Use Total Hardness Test Kit

The Total Hardness Test Kit determines the water hardness in degrees of German hardness. Each added drop corresponds to one degree of German hardness.

Step 1
As long as the water is red, add the liquid drop by drop into the measuring cup. Count each drop and shake the measuring cup after each drop.

Step 2
As soon as the water turns slightly yellowish, gently add one or 2 more drops.

Step 3
As soon as the liquid turns green, you have determined the water hardness by the amount of drops added.

Water hardness converter

fH°: degree of French hardness
e°: Degree Clark (English hardness)

dH° 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
fH° 9 18 27 36 45 53 62 71 80 89
6 13 19 26 31 38 44 50 56 63

The values in the table are rounded. Please use the formulas below for an exact conversion.

Exact conversion from dH° to fH°
fH° = dH° * 1.78
Exact conversion from dH° to e°.
e° = dH° * 1,25
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