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Lotus Clean Shock
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Lotus Clean Shock is a cleaning agent based on C2Oxide. It is five times stronger than chlorine.... more
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Lotus Clean Shock is a cleaning agent based on C2Oxide. It is five times stronger than chlorine. Lotus Clean Shock reliably kills germs, bacteria and legionella.

Treating the water with conventional disinfectants such as chlorine or bromine initially makes the bacteria harmless. After a certain time, however, a large amount of legionella and other bacteria becomes apparent once again. The cause of this is the so-called biofilm. 

The biofilm serves as a “refuge and sanctuary” and protects the bacteria from the disinfectant. Lotus Clean Shock is the only disinfecting product that penetrates the biofilm and destroys the polysaccharides (complex sugars) contained therein.

A shock treatment is necessary:

  • After initially filling the Whirlpool.
  • If the water is not crystal clear.
  • If the water smells unpleasant.
  • If you have greasy deposits on the walls of the whirlpool.
  • If the water was heavily polluted by a “whirlpool party”.
  • Periodically, when using disinfectants such as chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, etc.


It is also possible to disinfect the spa with Lotus Clean Shock only. This is recommended, for example, for wooden hot tubs without a filter system.

How to perform a shock treatment?

Add 50 ml of Lotus Clean Shock for every 1000 liters of water. Keep the pump running with the addition of Lotus Clean Shock to ensure better mixing. It is important that Shock can work for at least 8 hours. (If it works for less than 8 hours, there may still be bacteria and dirt in the whirlpool).


You can control the concentration of the Shock with the Lotus Clean Test Stripes. After 8 hours the test strips should still show at least 0.3 - 0.5 ppm concentration. If there is no more Shock in the water before the 8 hours have elapsed, repeat the shock treatment.


Important: These values refer to 37 degrees Celsius warm water. With colder water, Shock degrades slower.

If Shock still degrades too quickly after the second use, this may indicate heavy soiling with a lot of biofilm in the pipes. Carry out an Shock Intensive cleaning. The instructions can be found on our website.

If this also does not help, you will have to carry out an intensive cleaning. You can also find all information about it on our website.


How do you measure Shock?

You can measure the concentration of Lotus Clean Shock with the Lotus Clean Test Stripes.

Are you allowed to go into the whirlpool when Lotus Clean Shock is in the water?

The concentration of Lotus Clean Shock should not exceed 5 ppm. Skin irritations are possible at higher concentrations.

Shock as additional cleaner for "problematic" whirlpools

Problematic whirlpools are spas with insufficient filtration, e.g. inflatable whirlpools or wooden whirlpools (hot tubs). When using Lotus Clean, sufficient filtration (at least 6 hours a day) and clean filters are crucial factors for success. For some spas, the filter life cannot be adjusted - this can lead to greasy deposits and turbidity. In these cases, shock treatment can be performed regularly as needed.

After the successful shock treatment, wait until there is no longer any Lotus Clean Shock in the water. Then add the usual amount of Lotus Clean to the water (40 ml to 60 ml).

You can also add 20 ml to 40 ml Lotus Clean Shock to the water after each bath. The amount depends on the number of people who have been in the spa. In addition, add approx. 20 to 60 ml Lotus Clean once a week. With this procedure you use the advantages of both systems: Lotus Clean Shock is a fast-acting oxidizing agent which decomposes after a short time, Lotus Clean is a slow and continuous, skin-friendly water care and cleaning agent.

Lotus Clean Shock as sole disinfectant

Lotus Clean Shock can also be used as sole disinfectant without Lotus Clean Basic, e.g. for hot tubs without a filter system or hot tubs made of wood. After using the spa, add 20 ml Shock per person to the water. Since Shock has no depot effect, when the spa is not in use, you should add 15 ml Lotus Clean Shock to the water at least every three days. Make sure that the dosage of Lotus Clean Shock does not fall below 0.3 ppm.

Shock as an odour neutralizer

Lotus Clean Shock can destroy aroma molecules. By adding 10 to 20 ml Shock to 1000 litres of water you can also refresh bad smelling water.

Lotus Clean Shock as a shock disinfectant with other disinfection types

Since most types of disinfectants (chlorine, bromine, active oxygen) allow the growth of biofilm, it is recommended that a shock treatment with Lotus Clean Shock be performed regularly. This not only eliminates the biofilm, but also any residual disinfectant, thus significantly improving the water quality. 


Lotus Clean Shock loses about 8% of its effectiveness every month and can be kept for a maximum of 1 year. It should be stored in a cool and dark place. The indicated amounts should then be increased to compensate for the diminishing effectiveness after the expiration date. There is a label with the date of manufacture on the bottom of each bottle. 

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