Lotus Clean pH-Minus liquid

Lotus Clean pH-Minus liquid
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Lotus Clean pH-Minus is a special quadruple-action pH reducer developed for spas. Lotus... more
Product information "Lotus Clean pH-Minus liquid"

Lotus Clean pH-Minus is a special quadruple-action pH reducer developed for spas.

  1. Lotus Clean pH-Minus Reduces the pH of your water. Its use as a liquid makes dosing very easy.
  2. Lotus Clean pH-Minus converts calcium and magnesium contained in water into water-soluble salts. The possibility of limestone formation is reduced.
  3. Lotus Clean pH-Minus dissolves existing limestone deposits in the pipes and on the heating elements. The danger of biofilm formation is greatly reduced. Lime on the heating elements increases the power consumption and shortens the life span of the heater.
  4. Lotus Clean pH-Minus changes the metals contained in the water, such as iron and copper. They are converted into filterable substances and the risk of clouding or discolouration of the water is reduced.


The lowering of the pH value depends on the hardness of the water. With a high water hardness, it is difficult to lower the pH value and more pH reducers are required. Therefore, it is not possible to specify dosing quantities. Depending on the region, the degree of hardness of the tap water can vary. For a trouble-free maintenance of your jacuzzi, it is therefore important to know how hard their water is. Your regional water companies can give you the best information - just give them a call. The water hardness is indicated in degree of German hardness*.


Generally applies in Germany:

soft water: under 8° dH

medium water: 8° - 14° dH

hard water: over 14° dH


First measure the pH value of the water. Then add approx. 50 ml pH reducer per 1000 litres of water content to the whirlpool. Let the pumps run until everything is well mixed. Measure the pH value again after 20 minutes. From the measured difference you can estimate how much pH-minus you still have to add to the water. As long as the pH value rises on its own, lower it to 6.0 - 6.5. When it stops rising, adjust between 6.8 and 7.4. The pH-value will rise again and again during the first days / weeks because carbonic acid escapes from the water. Therefore measure and lower the pH-value regularly.

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