Lotus Clean Silky Skin

Lotus Clean Silky Skin
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Wellness for your skin Lotus Clean Silky Skin Our bath additive with aloe vera and hyaluron... more
Product information "Lotus Clean Silky Skin"

Wellness for your skin

Lotus Clean Silky Skin

Our bath additive with aloe vera and hyaluron booster

  • With moisturising aloe vera
  • Cares for the skin while bathing
  • Prevents skin tension and itching
  • Helps against wavy skin
  • Strengthens the skin barrier
  • Helps to moisturise the skin
  • Can be used in all pools, whirlpools and bathtubs

Regular bathing in a whirlpool cleanses your skin deep into the pores - but it also stresses it. Especially if you maintain your whirlpool with chlorine, which is particularly irritating to the skin and can even penetrate the skin cells and damage them. Common consequences are skin tensions, as almost everyone knows, up to itching and scratching of the skin. It is therefore important to strengthen the skin barrier in order to protect it in the long term and to prevent moisture loss through bathing.
So that you can enjoy your bath without worrying, we have developed Silky Skin, whose active ingredient complex with moisturising aloe vera already cares for your skin during the whirlpool bath - instead of stressing it as usual.

Aloe Vera

 also known as desert lily - is one of the oldest medicinal plants. Even today, its active ingredients are used to treat wounds, sunburn and skin diseases. Thanks to its moisturising properties, the plant is also traditionally used in the production of cosmetics. In the bath additive Silky Skin, aloe vera also prevents skin tension, which is typical after a bath in chlorinated water, for example. It also helps against wavy, puffy skin - which you have certainly observed on yourself after a long whirlpool bath.

Hyaluron booster

What's more, a moisturising sugar-based complex has a nourishing effect on your skin, strengthens the skin barrier and reduces the formation of cracks. At the same time, the formation of the body's own hyaluronic acid is promoted. Pentylene glycol also acts as an
antibacterial moisturiser. After a bath with Lotus Clean Silky Skin, your skin will feel silky, soft, nourished and healthy. It is no longer necessary to apply cream after your bath.


Add approx. 10ml, which corresponds to about one tablespoon, of Silky Skin per 1,000 litres to the whirlpool water during each bath.
Tip for an even more velvety skin feeling:
After bathing, spread a few drops of Silky Skin in your wet hands and apply to damp skin.

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