Lotus Clean Starter Set II

Lotus Clean Starter Set II
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Lotus Clean Starter Set With this starter set you are completely supplied and do not need any... more
Product information "Lotus Clean Starter Set II"

Lotus Clean Starter Set
With this starter set you are completely supplied and do not need any further funds.
Water disinfection
Lotus Clean Basic + Lotus Clean Shock + Pooltester

With these products you keep your water crystal clear and clean. Free from bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae. 100% skin-friendly - suitable for children. (dermatologically tested)

Lime & pH value
pH-Minus liquid + Calcium Ex + electronic pH tester - With these products you can adjust the pH value and prevent lime scale. Thereby you avoid deposits in the pipelines.

Filter cleaning
Filter spray + FilterWash Natural

With these two products you can clean the filters thoroughly and remove all deposits and biofilms from the filter fleece. FilterWash is biodegradable.


Content Starter Set

  • Lotus Clean Basic: Water repellent with which you can keep the water in your whirlpool clear, clean and odourless - completely biological and chlorine-free.
  • Lotus Clean Shock: cleaner based on Cl2Oxide and 5 times stronger than chlorine.
  • Lotus Clean pH-Minus liquid: Liquid pH reducer with quadruple action, specially developed for whirlpools.
  • Lotus Clean Calcium Ex: Reliably prevents lime deposits in your whirlpool.
  • Lotus Clean FilterWashNatural: Special cleaner - specially developed for whirlpool filters.
  • Lotus Clean pH Tester + Calibration Fluid: For precise measurement of the pH value for your whirlpool.
  • Lotus Clean Pooltester: For measuring shock and pH-value.
  • Lotus Clean filter shower: For effective cleaning of your whirlpool filters.
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