Brown edge at the waterline of the whirlpool. What is the cause?

The brown rim consists of encapsulated deposits that have settled on the whirlpool tub at the level of the water line. This can often happen, for example, at the beginning after the purchase of a new whirlpool tub, because it is usually used very excessively in the first period. Such a brown rim can also occur after some time during operation due to increased contamination of the water, e.g. by cosmetic products or similar.

The brown edge can often be wiped off very easily with a microfibre cloth. To be on the safe side, you can add an additional 40 ml of Lotus Clean Shock (per 1000 litres) to the water. Repeat the addition of Shock if the brown edge appears again.

If the edge continues to appear there are other options:

Shock Intensive Treatment

  • For light soiling
  • Disadvantage: Cost-intensive and possibly lengthy cleaning.
  • Advantage: You can continue bathing at the same time.

Shock-AnorganicShock Treatment

  • If the Shock Intensive Treatment was not successful
  • For heavier soiling
  • Disadvantage: Chlorine odour develops. The water is not as kind to the skin during this time.
  • Advantage: Inexpensive and faster alternative to UltraShock Intensive treatment.

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