The water is green

Here you have to distinguish whether the water is dark green-matt or light green-glittery.

If it is light green-glittering:
This is the natural colour of the water. If you want the water to be blue-glistening, lower the pH to 7.0 and add a small amount of chlorine. (Chlorine turns water blue)

If the water is dark green-matt:
This is a sign of deposits in the pipes and/or insufficient disinfection.

Adjust the pH of the water to 7.0. Increase the addition of Lotus Clean Shock by 20 ml daily. Start with 50 ml per 1000 l. Increase the amount to 70 ml/1000 l the next day, 90 ml/1000 l the day after and so on. If you do not have clear water after a week, we strongly recommend carrying out an intensive basic cleaning of your whirlpool.