The 4 most common causes of foaming water and the appropriate solutions

Showering before the bath

Do you shower before taking a whirlpool bath? If no, click here:


What should you look out for when wearing swimwear in the whirlpool?

Filter not rinsed out properly

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Too less Shock

The Shock measurement always shows only 0.0 mg/l according to the test strip?

What kind of foam is in my whirlpool water?

That your water foams slightly in the whirlpool tub is usually quite normal. It becomes problematic if, for example, it is slow to dissipate. A basic distinction is made between foam caused by air and foam caused by dirt.

You can recognise air foam by these characteristics:

  • Fine, small air bubbles
  • The foam does not build up
  • As soon as you switch off the pumps, the foam disappears completely within 30 to 60 seconds.
  • The water becomes clear again immediately after the pumps are switched off.

Foam caused by contamination has the following characteristics:

  • Large bubbles that may have an oily sheen.
  • The foam builds up higher and higher
  • After switching off the pumps, the foam does not dissipate immediately and the water only becomes clear again after a few minutes.

It can also happen that foam forms when adding Basic and/or Lotus Clean Shock. In this case, it is definitely foam from contamination.