The 4 most common causes of cloudy water and the appropriate solutions

Filter Type

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Duration Filtering

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pH value too high

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Too less UltraShock

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What are the causes of cloudy and milky water in the whirlpool?

Milky or cloudy water can have several causes. For example, it may be due to an excessively high pH value, which causes lime precipitation. This limescale is encapsulated by SpaBalancer Basic in such large quantities that the filter system is overloaded.

The use of non-optimal filters, too short a filter running time or poorly cleaned filters can also lead to cloudy and milky water in the whirlpool tub.

Causes of high dirt load in the whirlpool tub

If a milky cloudiness is still visible even though the pH value is set correctly and the filters have been cleaned sufficiently, this may indicate a high dirt load. The causes for this can be:

  1. There are already biofilms in the pipes or in the fan ducts. This biofilm is dissolved by using Lotus Clean Shock and then encapsulated by Lotus Clean Basic.
  2. There are still deposits (waxes and separating agents) on the plastic surface of the whirlpool. These are also dissolved by Lotus Clean Shock and the warm water.
  3. There are minerals in the water. These can be lime, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper etc.. These substances are also encapsulated by Lotus Clean Basic.
  4. Many people use the whirlpool, especially in the beginning. If you have never been in a whirlpool before, there is a lot of deep-seated dirt in your skin that cannot be removed even by showering beforehand. This dirt is loosened by the warm whirlpool water and the water massage and gets into the water.