The 4 pillars of the Lotus Clean water care

Lotus Clean System Water Care is based on four pillars:

water purification, disinfection, water hardness & pH-value and filtration


Water purification: Lotus Clean Basic
Lotus Clean Basic encapsulates oils and contaminants and makes them filterable.


Disinfection: Lotus Clean Shock, Test Stripes
Lotus Clean Shock is a very strong oxidizing agent. The value is checked with the Test Stripes.


Water hardness & pH-value: Calcium Ex, pH-Minus liquid, pH Tester
Calcium Ex is a complexing agent and prevents limescale deposits in the whirlpool. The pH value is lowered with pH-Minus liquid. The electronic measuring device is used to measure the pH value precisely.


Filtering: Filter Wash Natural, Filter Flosser
Filter Wash Natural is a special cleaner for whirlpool filters. The filter flosser is used for thorough cleaning of the filters.

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