Filter Cleaning

Proper cleaning of the filters is an important part of good water care. You can find out how to clean the filters optimally here. We use Filter Wash Natural for our example.

Required products:

Step 1

Fill the bucket with hot water (approx. 55°C) and then add half a measuring cup (50ml) of Filter Wash Natural. (If you use a different filter cleaner, please add the amount according to the package insert).



Step 2

Lace the filter in the bucket.The container must be large enough so that the filter is completely under water. Leave the filter in the cleaning solution for at least 12 hours.

Schritt 3

Rinse the filter with a filter spray. First you should hold the shower vertically and rinse the filter once all around. Then hold the shower horizontally and repeat this procedure until only clean and clear water comes out of the filter.




For even more intensive cleaning, place the filter in a bucket with 10 litres of water and 20 ml UltraShock for one night. This will make the filter even whiter and remove any remaining biofilm with bacteria.

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