Cleaning S (Small)

Products needed: 

  • Lotus Clean System Wash
  • Lotus Clean pH-Minus Granulat
  • Lotus Clean electronic pH tester

One bottle of Lotus Clean System Wash is sufficient for a whirlpool with 1500 l water capacity.


  • Raise the water level by 5 centimetres before adding System Wash to the water.
  • Lower the pH value to 6.0.
  • Leave the filters in the whirlpool.
  • Start all pumps and pour the bottle of Lotus Clean System Wash into the water.
  • Switch the pumps on and off in short intervals (10 - 20 seconds) as often as possible.
  • If brown deposits appear on the foam, skim them off.
  • Leave System Wash in the pool until no more brown deposits form. (May take up to 5 days).
  • During this time, rinse the filters daily with water and the filter shower.
  • If the foam remains white, empty the whirlpool.
  • Thoroughly rinse the pipes via the nozzles with a garden hose.
  • Fill the whirlpool with fresh water.

Hint: If you have cleaned the whirlpool with System Wash, you cannot dispose of the old water in the garden.

Important: It may happen that System Wash does not remove all deposits and only partially dissolves them. This can lead to cloudiness and water problems after refilling. In this case, we recommend cleaning L.

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