Cleaning M (Medium)

Products needed:

  • Lotus Clean Shock
  • Lotus Clean Pooltester

Cleaning M (medium) is performed if you have slime on the walls, green water, dirty foam or musty smelling water. Cleaning M is also carried out if your Shock value is always 0 the next day.Cleaning M can be replaced by cleaning L if you want a faster and more effective cleaning. However, bathing may be restricted in this case


  • You start in the evening with a starting dosage of 50ml Lotus Clean Shock per 1000L water.
  • The next day measure the shock level, it should be between 0.3 mg/l and 2 mg/l.
  • If the shock level is lower, increase the initial dosage to 70ml/1000L and wait again until the next day.
  • Measure again the next morning. If the shock level is still below 0.3mg/l, repeat the procedure. Always add 20ml more than the initial dosage from the day before.
  • As soon as you can measure a shock level of 0.3mg/l - 2mg/l the next day, keep this dosage constant for 8 weeks. After that, you can continue with the normal water care instructions.
  • If you had to increase the shock level six days in a row (last dose 150ml / 1000L water) and the next day you measure 0 mg/l again, you have to do the cleaning Large.

Please keep a record. This should include:

  • Which products were used?
  • In what quantities were the products dosed? Please provide the date of the doses.
  • The measurement result approx. 10 hours after dosing
  • pH value at measurement
  • How many people were in the whirlpool, how often and for how long? Please mark the dates of the baths.

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