Cleaning L (Large)

Products needed: 

  • Lotus Clean Shock
  • Lotus Clean Anorganic Shock
  • Lotus Clean pH-Minus Granulate
  • Lotus Clean Pooltester
  • Lotus Clean electronic pH tester


For cleaning L with Lotus Clean Inorganic Shock and Lotus Clean Shock, the pH value should always be lower than 7.0. A pH value of 6.0 to 6.5 is ideal. The Shock value should always be between 0.6 and 2.0 mg/l, maximum up to 5.0 mg/l. The higher the shock value, the more effective the cleaning effect. You do not need Lotus Clean Basic during cleaning.

Day 1: Add 40ml Lotus Clean Shock and 20ml Anorganic Shock to the water. Use the enclosed Shock measuring cup for dosing, also for the powder, and fill 20ml. Alternatively, you can add 40ml of Shock and 40ml of Anorganic Shock. This increases the output considerably. The water will then smell a little stronger of chlorine. 

Day 2: Measure the shock value with the pool tester. If the value is lower than 0.6 mg/l, repeat the addition. The amount added can be increased or decreased individually. You should either always add twice as much Shock as Anorganic Shock or - if you want to clean more intensively - use the same amount. As long as the Shock value is less than 5 mg/l, you may bathe.

After Day 2: If the water quality is still poor and the water is cloudy, foamy and/or smells musty or pungent of chlorine, although the pool tester consistently shows a very high value, the addition must be repeated and increased. Double or triple the amount until the water quality improves. You cannot use the whirlpool during this time (bathing only at < 5 mg/l). If the water quality has not improved after four to six weeks, XL must be cleaned.

WARNING: The high dosage of the inorganic shock may cause discolouration in the plastic of the cushions, nozzles, filters and other plastic parts. If possible, remove the cushions. Close the insulating cover at the earliest 10 minutes after adding the agents. We do not assume any guarantee for possible damage.

A dosage example: You have added 40ml of Shock and 20ml of Inorganic Shock to the water. About 10 hours later you measure a value of 0.0 mg/l. In this case you can double the amount added. This means that you would now add 80ml of Shock and 40ml of Inorganic Shock to the water. If you cannot measure a Shock value the next time, double the amounts again. Continue this procedure until you measure a value of 2.0 mg/l or more. You can use the whirlpool up to a value of 5.0 mg/l. If the value is 2.0 mg/l or more 10 hours after the addition, stop the addition until the value drops again by itself. Then dose again. From now on, you must estimate the amount to be added yourself. It depends on how quickly the measured value drops again.


Please keep a record. This should include:

  • Which products were used?
  • In what quantities were the products dosed? Please provide the date of the doses.
  • The measurement result approx. 10 hours after dosing
  • pH value at measurement
  • How many people were in the whirlpool, how often and for how long? Please mark the dates of the baths.

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