The Lotus Clean water care

The Lotus Clean Water Care

Th Lotus Clean water care consists of two main components.. Lotus Clean Basic and Lotus Clean Shock. 

Lotus Clean Basic encapsulates oils and pollutants and makes them filterable. Lotus Clean Shock is a new effective oxidizing agent. Together they form a highly effective cleaning system for the water in the whirlpool.


Lotus Clean Basic

  • Lotus Clean Basic consists of a special mixture of minerals and salts.
  • It encapsulates pollutants in the water.
  • The encapsulation consists of a gel that bacteria cannot penetrate.
  • The proliferation of bacteria is stopped.
  • The formation of gel increases the amount of contaminants and they can be filtered out and removed by the filters.
  • By removing even the smallest suspended particles, you obtain crystal-clear water.

Further advantages when using Lotus Clean Basic:

  • It's not an oxidation process. This prevents the formation of harmful waste products such as chloramines.
  • During the oxidation of pollutants the smallest fragments remain in the water because they are not oxidizable. They fit through the filter pores and are not filtered out. They accumulate and the water becomes cloudy. Lotus Clean Basic encapsulates these ultra-small suspended particles. They can be filtered out. The water remains crystal clear.
  • Lotus Clean Basic works at any pH value.
  • The water can remain in the spa for 6 - 12 months because no chemical, harmful waste products are formed. Chlorine: Water change every two months necessary (too much cyanuric acid, too much chloramine)
  • Lotus Clean Basic is 100% skin friendly.
  • It is not corrosive and does not destroy plastics.
  • Nothing can happen with an overdose.
  • It is not a hazardous substance and cannot cause any damage. It is not a biocide.
  • It can be stored for at least 3 years.

Lotus Clean Shock

Lotus Clean Shock is a very strong oxidizing agent. It has many advantages over chlorine:

  • It does not form any harmful chloramines.
  • It works at any pH value.
  • Lotus Clean Shock is a selective oxidizing agent: it does not react with polysaccharides, can penetrate biofilms and kill bacteria in the biofilms.
  • Bacteria cannot become resistant to Lotus Clean Shock.
  • It is up to 30 times stronger than chlorine.
  • It does not harm the skin or skin cells: Lotus Clean Shock cannot penetrate the skin cell barrier.
  • Lotus Clean Shock is hardly degraded by the heat of the water and is therefore effective longer than chlorine in the water.
  • It is a very strong oxidizing agent. It oxidizes the pollutants to 100%, i.e. residual substances in the water are only harmless carbon dioxide, salts and oxygen.
  • The active ingredient in Lotus Clean Shock is approved for the disinfection of drinking water.
  • Deodorizing properties, i.e. odorous and flavoring substances in the water, e.g. phenols, algae or their decomposition products, are converted or not produced at all.
  • It can be combined with chlorine. The performance of both substances is increased. Interesting for problem treatments.
  • Lotus Clean Shock reliably kills bacteria, viruses, legionella, algae, fungi and mould.

Operating principle:

Lotus Clean Shock works on the basis of chlorine dioxide. It is not chlorine. It consists of one chlorine atom and two oxygen atoms. Oxygen atoms are very strong oxidizing agents: only they react. Therefore it is a chlorine-free disinfection based on oxygen. One chlorine atom remains and combines in the water to sodium chloride (simple table salt). Chlorine dioxide is a water-soluble gas that is explosive with an air content of 10% or more. It can therefore not be pre-produced and transported. (At least not in a sufficiently high concentration). Therefore Lotus Clean Shock consists of two types of chlorine, which permanently produce chlorine dioxide in the water until the chlorine is completely used up. Due to this innovation, there is always a sufficiently large amount of chlorine dioxide in the water.

Why the combination of the two products?

  • Lotus Clean Basic can lay down on the deposits in the pipes and encapsulate them in case of existing deposits.
  • Lotus Clean Shock is a selective oxidizing agent and therefore not ideal for oils, fats and cosmetics. Lotus Clean Basic encapsulates these substances and they can be disposed of via the filters.
  • Lotus Clean Shock is only effective if there is permanently at least 0.2 mg/l in the water. If the concentration drops to zero a lot of bacteria can form in a short time. When Lotus Clean Basic is in the water, the formation of bacteria is suppressed.
  • As Lotus Clean Basic is not an oxidizing agent, it only needs to be absorbed very slowly. The bacterial defence is maintained for several weeks even if no Lotus Clean Shock is added.

Both substances complement each other in an ideal way. For the dosage there are water care instructions from us. In case of problems, however, both substances can be dosed higher.

If you dose Lotus Clean Basic higher, you have to increase the filter time and clean the filters more often with filter cleaner so that no encapsulated dirt is deposited in the pipes.

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