Filtration and filter cleaning

Products for cleaning the whirlpool filters


Lotus Clean Filter Wash Natural

Whirlpool filters consist of a special fleece which was developed to absorb a lot of grease and dirt. To remove the grease and dirt from the fleece you need a special filter cleaner. Lotus Clean Filter Wash Natural was specially developed for cleaning fleece filters:

  • It removes grease and dirt from the filter fleece.
  • Contains active oxygen to destroy biofilms in the fleece and kill bacteria.
  • Destroys unpleasant odours. The filters no longer "stink".
  • Bleaches the filters and makes them white again.
  • Is strongly foam-reduced and facilitates the rinsing out of the filters.
  • Is biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.

Clean the filter at least every two weeks. Also more frequently in the beginning. In case of water problems, always start with clean filters and increase the filter running time from 6 hours to 8 hours or more.

The optimal filters

The optimal filters should have a filter fleece from Reemay. They should be from a brand manufacturer such as Magnum, Pleatco or Darlly. Never use NoName filters as these filters cannot keep your water clean.

How does Reemay® filter fleece differ from conventional filter fleeces?

Conventional filter fleeces consist of cylindrical fibers (right picture). In contrast, the Reemay® filter fleece (left) is shaped in such a way that as much dirt as possible can settle, but the water flow is not impaired. Normal filter fleeces clog much faster due to their shape and the water can hardly flow through.


The unique structure of the Reemay® filter fleece additionally provides more stability than conventional filter fleeces. This means that filters with Reemay fleece can be cleaned more intensively and thoroughly and do not lose their structure.


Cleaning a cartridge filter with a high pressure cleaner. The subsequent damage to the conventional filter is clearly visible, in contrast to the filter with Reemay® fleece.

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