LC059 -- Can System Wash be used to clean the pipes of a cedar bath tub?

We need to clean the pipes of our cedar hot tub and would like to use System Wash followed by Lotus Clean Shock. Will System Wash and/or Shock affect the cedar wood? The rest (massage jets, pipes, heating flow ...) is made of plastic/PVC and should not be a problem, right?

Where can I dispose of the water from the hot tub after it contains System Wash?

Neither System Wash nor Lotus Clean Shock attack wood. You can use both of these products to clean the pipes of the cedar hot tub. However, when using System Wash, do not dispose of the water in the stream. System Wash contains surfactants and substances that harm aquatic animals. These substances may only be disposed of via the sewage system.

If you only use Lotus Clean Shock, you can dispose of the water in the stream.

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