LC054 -- When using Calcium Booster the water became turbid

As the hardness had dropped below 5dH when I measured it again, I wanted to raise the hardness with Calcium Booster. Unfortunately, the water then became extremely milky and no longer clear (hardness then approx. 8dH). What went wrong there?

The water hardness could have been less than 5°dH. This would not have been a problem if Lotus Clean products had been used, because our products do not bring any acid into the water which would have to be buffered by the minerals. Calcium Booster is a product that contains minerals. Unfortunately, these minerals turn into limestone very quickly. Mostly already when added to the water. That is why I advise against using such agents. You now have two options:
1) Slowly lower the pH value over several days until the water is clear again. Then carefully raise the pH value to 6.8 again.
2) Change the water.

A tip for all products that stabilise the pH value, raise it or increase the hardness of the water: For these agents, a bucket of water should be taken from the whirlpool. Stir the agents into the bucket in small quantities. Only then put the bucket into the whirlpool. In this way, you can avoid limescale precipitation with cloudy water when adding these agents.

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