LC051 -- Chlorinated water in the whirlpool and add Lotus Clean? Empty the pool or not?

I am currently still cleaning my whirlpool with chlorine, but would like to switch to Lotus Clean. Do I have to empty the whirlpool completely or can I use the chlorinated water? How time-consuming is Lotus Clean to use?

Chloramines are formed when chlorine is used. These chloramines are also called combined chlorine. They are chemical compounds of chlorine and dirt in the water. There are monochloramines, dichloramines and trichloramines. While monochloramines only cause eye irritation and skin irritation, dichloramines are already harmful to health. Trichloramines are carcinogenic. They are formed especially when chlorine reacts with urea. Urea is also present in sweat. Chloramines can build up quickly in the water of the whirlpool. I therefore recommend changing the water in a chlorinated whirlpool after two months at the latest.

You can keep the water in the whirlpool tub without any problems and start using the Lotus Clean products. The Lotus Clean products have no problem with chlorine in the water. However, if the water is older than 4 weeks, we advise you to change it for the reasons listed above.

Lotus Clean is actually a very simple system as long as there are no deposits in the water and the water is not too hard. Most of our customers are enthusiastic about the simplicity of our system. If you ever have a problem, you can always contact us. We will help you until everything is fine again.

To clean the water, you only need to add one measuring cup of Lotus Clean Basic and one measuring cup of Lotus Clean Shock to the water once a week. And a small amount of Shock after each use. That is all you need to do for cleaning and disinfection.

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