LC049 -- Can Lotus Clean water care be used for Nordic wooden barrels and hot tubs with sand filter system?

We have Nordic wooden barrels (hot tubs, bath tubs, bath barrels) with an inner lining of polypropylene. The hottubs are heated with a submerged wood stove and we have added a sand filter system and an electric heater. What do you recommend with your water care products? I would like to point out that the hot tubs are used for rental purposes to tourists. Are the products compatible with active oxygen?

In this case, I recommend using Lotus Clean Shock alone. And change the water when you have new visitors (tourists). Lotus Clean Shock and active oxygen need each other. If you use Shock, you do not need another oxidant. Shock is much stronger and safer than active oxygen.

When refilling, add 50 ml Lotus Clean Shock per 1000 litres of water content to the water. As the Shock decomposes more quickly in the case of heavy contamination, you must measure the Shock content daily with our test strips and add Lotus Clean Shock if necessary. The shock content should always be between 0.6 and 1.5 mg/l.
To clean the sand filter, close the valves to the sand filter and switch off the filter pump. Add 100 ml Lotus Clean Shock to the sand filter. Let the Shock soak in for at least 12 hours. Then open the valves again and perform a thorough backwash.

If you notice that the Shock content in the pool drops very quickly without use, the sand filter is most likely contaminated. In this case, either replace the sand or increase the amount of Lotus Clean Shock (double or triple) and extend the soaking time. Do this as often as necessary until the Shock content remains stable for more than three days when the pool is not in use and does not drop by itself.

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